All About Food: Lose Weight with Red Wine, the Big Breakfast Diet, and Sweet News

A number of food-related developments in health news have gotten my attention in the last few days. So here’s a quick summary with links:

  • Red wine has gotten another boost as a healthy ingredient of one’s diet. Already linked to potential heart and cancer-fighting benefits, it has been mentioned in a study as having benefits for losing weight, too.

  • Another study has found that having a big breakfast can help people lose weight. Of course, what the study considers a “big breakfast” is a 600-calorie meal that has ample carbohydrates and protein, not a Denny’s Grand Slam with bacon, eggs, and toast, all fried and smothered in butter and bacon grease. But people following the “big breakfast diet” “lose more weight long term than eating a modest breakfast and following a lower-carb eating plan,” according to a WebMD article. The reason seems to be that folks having a bigger, heartier breakfast don’t fee as hungry before lunch, or the rest of the day.

  • And finally, the American Medical Association has determined that there’s no scientific proof that high-fructose corn syrup deserves the blame for the country’s obesity epidemic—at least not any more than sugar or other sweeteners. High-fructose corn syrup is often accused for being worse for a person’s health than other sweeteners.

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