Dr Oz 100 People 13,000 Pounds Lost

Dr Oz’s “Green Drink” Recipe – Dr. Oz is sharing one of his favorite recipes, The Dream Drink!. Jump-start your mornings with this high-fiber, low-calorie breakfast drink.

An audience of 100 people who have lost anywhere from 100 pounds to 200 pounds.

Meryl The woman who lost 200 pounds.

Dr Oz interview with Richard Simmons, Watch the video’s on Richard Simmons life story in helping people.

Dr Oz 100 People 13,000 Pounds Of Weight Loss

Diane, Bill and Tasha joined Dr Oz on the stage today to share their 100 pound weight loss success. Diane lost a total 158 pounds, Bill lost 175 pounds, and Tasha lost 130 lbs.

Diane had 7 children and kept the weight off through her last four pregnancies. Her weight loss secrets were; She uses a kitchen timer, uses bathroom cups for portion control for her love of juices, and when she is out and tempted she has a little something only if she rates it as a ten.

Bill’s weight loss secrets were; Get rid of your fat clothes and look forward. If you cheat – for every cheat you have get physical for an extra ten minutes. Bill says he has gone from fear to freedom.

Tasha’s weight loss secret was to make her breakfast your biggest meal consisting og whole grains, remove the trigger foods, but still have her pizza on whole grain wraps with chicken pepperoni. Tasha has become a personal trainor and says burn more calories than you consume.

Meryl, 46 and mother of two boys weighed 380 pounds at her heaviest, and lost 200 pounds and 17 inches off her waist. When meryl decided she had enough her waist was 49 inches, her B/P was 160/106, her BMI was 56, which makes her morbidly obese, and her weight 377 pounds. Her husband sat in the audience with tears falling down his cheeks while he listened to her life story, you could see he felt her sorrow, but you could also see how proud of her he was.

Meryl’s weight loss eye opener was while with her family on an outing, a woman pointed at her and asked her why she was so fat, and later that day she said she couldn’t fit in her seat at the restaurant. She said that was it, off to the gym, and started her healthy eating lifestyle.

Today in the truth tube her waist is 32 inches, B/P 122/84 and off all blood pressure medications, BMI is now 27. Meryl weighs 182 pounds and lost 195 pounds according to the truth tube.

Meryl’s weight loss secrets are;

Every Sunday is prep day, she heads off to the store gets what she needs to do her week’s menu of five lunches, and snacks to take to work each day. meryl enjoy’s having 15 calorie sugar free popsicles as her treats when she’s bored.

Dr Oz’s number one tip for maintaing weight loss was by automating your life.

DR OZ’S Breakfast Dream Drink

Dr Oz “Green Drink” is high in fiber, low-calorie and rich in vitamins.


2 cups spinach
2 cups cucumber
1 head of celery
1/2 inch or teaspoon ginger root
1 bunch parsley
2 apples
Juice of 1 lime
Juice of 1/2 lemon

Combine all ingredients in a blender. This makes approximately 28-30 ounces, or 3-4 servings.

“I made Dr Oz’s Dream Drink, and I must say it is delicious, seriously. I have just recently got into juicing, and healthy eating and it has made a big difference in my weight loss and digestive health. This is one green drink you gotta try!”


How Weight Loss Affects Your Body

Dr oz talked about the waist size and knee pain that accompanies being over weight. He showed us what the omentum fat looks like of someone with a little extra weight, which weighed about 5 pounds or so, then showed us a regular omentum and what it should look like. He went to explain the problems with the knees if your carrying an extra 100 pounds of weight around, it’s like multiplying it by 3 and having the pressure of 300 pounds of weight pressure on your knee bones. When your walking upstairs multiply it by 7, and over time your wearing away the bone and cartilage. Watch the video to see how Dr Oz uses oranges as an example on how the body can heal itself.

Losing 100+ pounds dramatically changes your body; it can naturally affect your natural history of:
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Sleep apnea

Richard Simmon’s 3 Moves Hit The Road jack With Dr Oz

Richard has kept his weight off for 42 years, and has been helping people for 35 years. He said that the first step is to know your self worth, and count your blessings.

Watch Richard’s story with the bonus of watching Dr Oz do the richard Simmons workout his Mom did.

The Complete Collection of Sweatin’ to the Oldies presents all 4 of Richard Simmons’ original Sweatin’ to the Oldies workouts on DVD plus Richard’s brand new show, Love Yourself and Win as a bonus DVD. You’ll get forty-one exercise routines set to forty-one rock ‘n’ roll classics like: It’s My Party, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Gimme Some Lovin’, Oh, Pretty Woman, and more. This 20th Anniversary edition also includes 2 hours of brand new, exclusive bonus material featuring an interview with Richard, incredible success stories from his students, and more.

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