Dr. Oz 5 Deadly Medication Mistakes Women Make

Dr. Oz Wednesday – October 14, 2009

Dr. Oz 5 Deadly Medication Mistakes Women Make

The 5 Deadly medication mistakes that can put you in a coma

The 5 deadly medication mistakes are

1. Mix up your pills — Medications that sound and look alike and so similar you take the wrong one. 25% of drug errors are due medication mixups.
2. Taking medications that are the wrong dose.
3. Taking medications with the wrong foods. Foods such as grapefruit and leafy greens can pose a problem with certain medications. Ask your doctor which foods can interfere with your medications, write them down on a sticky and put it on your refrigerator, so you don’t make mistakes
4. Mixing herbal supplements with prescription drugs. You can take St. Johns wort for example for depression, but if you combine it with antidepressant something called Serotonin syndrome can happen. You can’t take Ginseng with certain diabetic medications, it can put you in a coma. So take all your OTC and prescriptions medications and brown bag it to the pharmacists.
5. Taking multiple medications for the same problem. Show your doctor — show your pharmacist everything your taking!

Too much acetaminophen is toxic when taken in high dosages, over doses of this drug are the number 1 cause of acute liver failure in this country, resulting in 26,000 hospitalizations each year, and 450 deaths.
25% of Over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs cause ulcers
1.5 million people injured each year results from mistakes they make with their medications, and over 3/4 quarter of the population use over the counter medications.
Dr. Oz says to do the brown bag check up, which means you bag up everything, take all of it to your doctor and the pharmacist because there are many dangerous combinations. keep your medications in their original containers, make a list of all the medications you take, and what you take them for.

Apparently there are about 1400 drugs that have names that sound similar to others. Dr. Oz also spoke about taking medications in the wrong dose, it is the second leading cause of unintentional deaths, it’s right behind car accidents. Many OTC drugs come in prescription strength, follow the instructions, read the labels and only take the exact dosing amount.

When the liver is overdosed with a simple drug such as over the counter acetaminophen can cause the liver to die. Rebecca a girl in the audience told the story of her 24 year old sister April who had a high number of acetaminophen tablets to treat her severe stomach pain, she had been seeing specialists and having tests done for acid reflux and received medications, and was told she could take acetaminophen for the pain. She went to the hospital with abdominal pain,they realized she was in acute liver failure due acetaminophen. They rushed her the nearest liver transplant centre and she received a new liver, but it was too late for the new liver to catch up to all the toxins in her body. Her family doesn’t know how much she was taking but she died within two weeks from liver failure.

Former Model Connie Emotional Eater

Once a model, Connie is bravely facing her food addiction: Former model Connie is an emotional eater , and works at a bakery and constantly surrounded by temptation.

Connie says she didn’t crave junk she craved good food, and ate too much of it, and that was her problem. She was once a plus size model wearing a size 12-14. She started a working a cookie store and the sizes went up. Stating portion control was not in her vocabulary, Connie says being fat excuses you from everything, it excuses you from life. She used to ride her bike 26 miles a day and she can’t do that anymore because she is too heavy. Connie said she loves food and she hates food because of what she allowed it to do to her. Food makes her angry and food makes her sad, but it is her business she loves to feed people, she said she tries to be good with it, but she can’t help to be bad.

On the truth tube Connie weighed in at 375 pounds, her B/P was 140/96, her waist was 61 inches, BMI 53.6,Dr. Oz did a glucose level test on her and her blood sugar levels were 119 which means she is pre diabetic. If you are over 100 you are pre diabetic, and 125 you are a diabetic.

Dr. oz explained to Connie that our brains have four different hunger centers. You have an appetite for food, and appetite for water, an appetite for sex, and an appetite for for sleep. He told Connie this is a part she has to work on because if she does not get a restful sleep she get up and will crave carbohydrates. He explained that the food and water side there is some confusion that frequently happens, your brain will not allow you to silence the alarm for craving unless you give it a little something of what it needs.

He told Connie she needs to eat every three to four hours, and she will eat smaller amounts each time. He told her he wants her to feel light, not to ever eat too much that she would have that laid down feeling. Dr. oz suggested a little bit of yogurt and a banana in the morning, or oatmeal with cinnamon, the cinnamon would help with her blood sugar. Salmon and broccoli for lunch, he had a table full of fruit, veggies, and said to have these things but just not as much as she would normally have.

Then Dr. Oz and Connie moved on to the next big issue Connie has, mental cravings. Dr. oz explained mental cravings usually last 10 to 15 minutes at the most, so he showed her what she could have to get through those cravings. Have little snacks — a little piece of real chocolate, that is 70 to 100 percent real cocoa because it is very low in calories, or a spoonful of applesauce, or sorbet, things to help her get through those crucial moments. When she is having the salt cravings, always have water first, if you are craving salt it means you are usually already dehydrated. Oz recommended, pickles, or some Miso soup and little wafers as these are easy ways of getting some salt and get her through the hump.

Dr. oz’s key message for Connie was you have to love what your doing, or it’s not going to make a difference. Connie looked at Dr. oz and said “I love you, so I’m gonna do it”, and Dr. Oz gave her a big hug.

The 5 Superfood Immunity Boosters

Stay healthy during the cold and flu season with these 5 secret weapons, 5 foods, how to avoid getting sick with some natural immunity boosters. Dr. Oz started of by saying that it’s cold and flu season again, and that one of the best ways to avoid getting sick is to build a better immune system. The five superfoods to build your immune system and to give you super immunity are:

1. Sardines — Sardines increase the white cell aggressiveness so it helps keep the white cell immunity, their rich in Vitamin D, is one of the more important source of immune support.
2. Papaya carrot juice — When you juice the carrots you get more of the beta carotene, and very beneficial to building the immune system it builds the number of white blood cells, makes them more aggressive.
3. Miso Soup — Miso soup boosts the antibodies that latch onto the white blood cells.
4. ElderberryElderberry can help block the flu, it has antiviral properties, you don’t eat the actual berry, you drink the juice.
5. GarlicGarlic has Allicin (Allistatin, a natural antibiotic found in garlic and onions) in it.

Stinky Feet

Women are obsessed with their feet, but for millions of women their feet can be a source of embarrassment, because they suffer from foot odour. Dr. oz says when your feet smell your not happy!

A few simple steps Dr. Oz recommends for smelly feet, he asks if he can smell her feet, so he smells her feet and with a look of hmmmm, says ya, you got a little bit of an odour there.

Dr. Oz Soaks her feet in a little bath while he tells us why some peoples feet stink.

Why feet smell, it’s called the 3 S’s — Sweat, Socks and Shoes, put all three of them together you got bacteria. You have 250,000 sweat glands on your feet, underneath the dermis, you have these. Foods can intensify the odour, foods such as coffee, certain spices, beer, onions, asparagus, and some beans, black beans will actually cause odours.

Dr. oz took some tea bags and boiled them in water, cooled it down and that is what he had her feet soaking in. He says to do this for about half an hour everyday for about a week, and after that use it as you need too. Tea bags have tannins in them, and they kill bacteria, and shrink the pores a little bit, and make the sweat glands much less active.

Or you can use roll on anti-perspirants(not deodorants) on your feet, the chemicals in it aluminium, roll it on the areas that your feet sweat, if you don’t like using these there are medicated pads you can use, moisture control pads has the aluminium product in it, but a different form.

Dr. Oz’s 3 things to remember from today’s show

Give yourself a brown bag checkup get all your pills, drugs and supplements to your pharmacist once a year and get them to check for any drug interactions.

Second build up your super immunity, incorporate Elderberry Juice into your diet each day, and stay healthy this cold and flu season.

And if you have a foot odour avoid wearing nylon socks, because they provide very little ventilation, and everyone around you will be glad you did.

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