Dr. Oz Chronic Pain And How To Manage It

Understand Chronic Pain
Dr. Oz helps you identify and manage the 3 most common chronic pains. Dr. Oz reveals the truth behind the 3 biggest pains that millions suffer from.

The new Dr. Oz Healthy Housewives from Detroit – 100 days to get Beach Body Ready.

Dr. Larry Newman and Dr. Vonda Wright joins Dr. oz today on the subject of “Chronic Pain”.

Dr. Oz talks about the 3 biggest pains that strike us, how you can fight it and win. Today we learn everything we need to know to rescue our body from our biggest pains. When pain becomes chronic – where pain signals keep firing for weeks, months, even years it can totally devastate the quality of life. Chronic pain interferes with our moods, sleep and our work, and the problem grows worse as we grow older.

Manage And Control Pain

The 3 most chronic pains are;

1. Headaches Pain
2. Back pain
3. Joint Pain

Migraine Headaches – The most common headache is a tension headache is described as a band around your head. A Migraine headache is the most common to bring someone to a doctor. It’s a pain usually on one side of the head, and you are sensitive to light and sometimes noise.

The checklist for a migraine headache to be diagnosed as having them are;
Migraine symptoms

A patient needs to have 5 prior episodes previous to going to the doctor. You need at least 2 of these symptoms in this category –
A migraine lasts usually 4 hours up to 72 hours
You need pain on one side of the head, pain that is throbbing or pounding, that is moderate to severe, pain that interferes with routine activity. Plus one of these associated with it.

Nausea and/or vomiting – sensitivity to light and sound

The classic trigger items for Migraine headaches are stress, changes in the weather, menstrual cycle, changes in hormone levels, and the classic foods are chocolate, aged cheese, hot dogs, or nitrate containing foods, and alcoholic beverages such as red wine. Dr. Newman said to try and identify these triggers and avoid these foods.

The non medical therapies are – Green tea for migraines, Butterbur, B vitamins and CoQ10.

Back Pain – Dr Vonda Wright suggested this exercise for back pain – Wall squats – partner squats for core posture. Just put your back against the wall and squat at about 60 degrees, and this will strengthen your legs, your core and rear ends all at the same time. Do this from 30 seconds up to two minutes several times a day.

Joint Pain – Arthritis pain is aching pain, pain you get after along walk, or pain after you are dancing. It is the pain that can be hurtful at rest, and some people wake up at night with so much aching they can’t sleep. If your pain is in the front of your hips, and it feels like grinding it may be Arthritis. Pain on the sides of the hips it is usually due to Iliotibial band syndrome (ITB band Syndrome). Dr. Wright says we can strengthen our cores and our rear ends, Bobbie demonstrated the exercise of Foam Rollingfor us. Dr Wright says this is a miracle tool that is like deep tissue massage. What you do is you lay on the hip that hurts, and you roll this roll back and forth, and you are actually stretching the IT ban, and it’s a deep tissue you give yourself, and you do this everyday. Dr. Wright says ” I promise you, your pain will go away”.

Dr. Oz’s Housewives From Detroit

Dr. Oz’s plan to transform Kim, Kerry and Tricia for a beach body in 100 Days.

Kim’s numbers are waist was 53 inches, her weight 328 pounds, BMI was 53, and her CRP was 10.3 and it should be below 3.

Kerry’s weight was 207, BMI 31, Body fat 37%, and her Blood Pressure was 138/92.

Tricia’s weight was 205, BMI 33, Body fat was 38, waist is 38.

Core Team Member Eddie George joined Dr. Oz to help transform Tricia, Kerry and Kim to Beach babes in 100 Days!

B E A C H –

B – Eat Breakfast
E – Eliminate the bad sugars
A – Antioxidants – Antioxidant foods, bright colourful vegetables and fruits, Red Tea, etc. Fresh is better than frozen, and Dr. Oz says you get 80 to 90% of the benefits if it is frozen, and it’s a lot cheaper, and better than canned fruits and veggies.
C – Chocolate – You can have chocolate(dark Chocolate)
H – Hydrate


Dr. Oz looks inside the brain by scanning the eyes, this will focus on the back of the eyes at the retina. The scan looks right through the Iris, looks at the optic nerve and right to the brain.

Green Veggies (Spinach) is the most important food for our eyes. Carrots are a myth made up by a fighter pilot, and tomatoes are also good for eyesight.


This video explains the process by which we see, and how aging affects the lens causing it to become less flexible. This rigidity is called Presbyopia, which is normally corrected with reading glasses.


Dr. Oz animations explains the process by which we see and defines how cataracts affect our vision. The build up of proteins clouds vision, as well as dulls colors and blurs contrast. Learn what occurs during cataract surgery to correct this common ailment.


This animation explains the process by which we see and how imperfections in the cornea result in nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. It also shows how lasik surgery is performed to correct these conditions.

The Truth About Caffiene

Dr. Oz’s The Truth about Caffeine

1. Caffeine could make conception more difficult and cause underweight babies
2. It can aggravate insomnia and cause increased anxiety and panic attacks, frequent urination and jittery hands
3. For most people, moderate doses of caffeine (200-300mg) are not harmful
4. No conclusive risk on the effects of blood pressure
5. In one decaffeinated cup of coffee, there is 20 mg of caffeine
6. One regular cup of coffee contains 100 mg of caffeine
7. Two tablets of pain reliever contain as much as 2 cups of coffee

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