Dr. Oz How To Naturally Boost Your Libido

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Today September 30 On Dr. Oz

Natural Libido Boosters.
Foods to make you frisky.
The 3 Major warning signs in your mouth.

The Big question “Is it bad to hold in my poop.”
Answer: It’s ok for a couple of hours, but holding it for 10-12 hours and making a habit of it will hurt the lining of the intestinal tract.

The Difference between Men’s Brains And Women’s Brains

Men tend to have a low attention span, prefer to get to the point directly and quickly. Men use half the words women use during verbal exchanges. Men want women to use less words. Women want to talk it out because women have language on both sides of their brain, men only have language on the left side of the brain. Dr. Daniel Amen author of The Brain In Love says ” Women need to ask the men more than once when they require something of them, because they forget.”

Viagra is the most prescribed medicine for sexual dysfunction. Prescriptions have been written for 35 million men around the world. Dr.Oz spoke about natural alternatives for both men and women to boost your libido. Today Dr.Oz revealed 3 natural libido boosters.

Libido Enhancers

On Dr. Oz today he smiles and Says “Put down the pill bottle!” he is giving tips for men and women on how to naturally boost your libido, The Natural Viagra.

1. Asian Ginseng
2. Ashwagandha Tea
3. Rhodiola
4. Maca

More On These Libido Boosters

Maca is widely used for fertility problems, sterility, and other disorders, in Peru it has long been known. Scientists believe that the herb acts on certain areas of the body that produce libido-related hormones and energizing substances. The Maca root is rich in nutritional content, including potassium and calcium (which has higher relative levels than even milk!) However, Maca A Natural Hormonal balancer provides great libido health benefits for both men and women.

Dr. Oz put a few drops on the couples tongues and his own and said it was pretty potent stuff this Rhodiola. He also says you can put drops of Rhodiola Extract in a alcohol drink, and it makes it a light pink in colour, and you will think you have an exotic drink, but actually it is a libido booster.

He explained that these natural alternatives to rev up your sex life are becoming more mainstream and we will be hearing about them more and more and time goes on. Dr. oz goes on to say to read up on these herbal remedies as they may interfere with other medications you may be taking.

The major causes of libido loss

Couples becoming too busy for each other.
Getting stuck in patterns that are no longer exciting, and developing changing needs over time.
Prescription Medications can cause low libido, and the list goes on.

Women’s Low Libido

Vaginal dryness has many causes which includes age, stress, some birth control pills, and menopause. Try drinking more water, eating foods high in phytoestrogens (like flax seed oil, soy, and tofu).

Vaginal pain, is also quite common. A gynecologist can help identify and eliminate the underlying cause.

Mens Low Libido

Half of men over 40 have erectile dysfunction.
Your doc may also check your hormone levels, since up to 20% male dysfunction cases are related to testosterone deficiency.

Many guys with a big belly will have low libido because belly fat converts testosterone to estrogen. Your fat is turning you into a woman. A Mans testosterone level should be over 280, if it the testosterone level is below that it has risk factors. The penis isn’t functional because of inadequate amounts of testosterone says Dr. Oz.

Foods to make you frisky.

Certain foods add spice to the bedroom. Try stocking your kitchen with some of these Foods for the libido.

Asparagus – a rich source of vitamin E, which increases hormone levels
Bananas – contain bromelain, which improves libido
Garlic – a major source of allicin, which gets blood flowing to the genitals
Oysters – packed with zinc, they improve sperm and testosterone production, as well as increase dopamine, which causes feelings of pleasure
Dark chocolate – delivers a blast of flavonoids, which improve blood flow to the genitals, as well as phenyethylamine, which causes feelings of love.
Dr. Oz recommened Supplements Pantothenic Acid – B5 and Maca.

The 3 Major warning signs in your mouth

1. Bleeding Gums – Gingivitis

2. Ammonia Breath

3. Black Tongue

Dr.oz talked on using African Chew Sticks, and nibbling on neem leaves keeps to tongue clean.

More On Dr. Oz The 3 Major Warning Signs In Your Mouth.

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