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Herbal Green Tea

We all know that green tea is beneficial to our health. One of its benefit is to increase the enzymes which belong to the glutathione S-transferase (GST) family (our internal antioxidants). These enzymes are responsible for modifying cancer causing molecules and render them inactive.

Rooibos Tea – The Healthy Drink

By : Nicky Pilkington

Stop Stressing Over Teen Acne

by Farid

150,000 Teenagers Will Get Skin Care Education Programme in Dubai

An initiative of the Ministry of Education in cooperation with Johnson & Johnson’s Clean and Clear will launch a nationwide school-based campaign for the health and skin care of teenage girls.

Punicalagin Antioxidants in Pomegranate

Cellulite Laser Treatment – Does it Work?

By: Ivan Cuxeva Jr

Natural Skin Care Enhanced Inside and Out with Grape Seed Extract

By: Gloria MacTaggart

Until just a few years ago, Vitamins C, E and Betacarotene were known to be the most powerful antioxidants on the market. However, a new product has taken their place – the grape seed. Although especially effective for dry skin, grape seed extract will benefit any skin type and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Products containing grape seed oil and extract may replace many of your current skin care remedies and give you a chance to switch to natural skin care.

Youth Activities – Weight Loss Camp

By: Gargi

Watermelon has more Lycopene than Tomatoes

Watermelon not only quenches your thirst! It also contains lycopene – a potent carotenoid antioxidant.
A 1 cup serving may contain 7 to 10 mg of lycopene, tomatoes contain less.

Rockin’ Blogger Award

I received this award yesterday from Markeff who blogs about a wide variety of interesting subjects. Thanks Mark! It’s an honor.