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Solubility of Antioxidants

Not all antioxidants can scavenge free radicals located at diferent parts of the body. Free radicals that are formed in the fat or lipid sections of the body are handled by the fat soluble antioxidants. Those that are formed in the watery or aqueous sections of the body are handled by the water soluble antioxidants.

Adrenal Fatigue Caused by Caffeine

What is adrenal fatigue?

Simply put, it is the condition wherein your adrenal glands gets ‘overworked’ that it functions far below than normal when our body needs its ‘services’. Stressful situations can trigger the adrenal glands to release adrenaline(epinephrine) and stress hormones.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Antioxidants-A New Improved Source

By: George Shears

As a result of the ongoing wellness revolution, more and more people are learning that they need to add high quality nutritional supplements to their diet in order to help prevent and reverse a wide array of chronic degenerative diseases. The basic reason for this is very simple–we are genetically programmed to eat only the simple, whole foods that were consumed by our stone-age ancestors. To whatever degree we deviate from this kind of diet, we deprive our bodies of key necessary nutrients and ingest substances that actually cause them harm.

Natural Home Treatment for Cellulite

By: Thomas Berten

How the Qlink can help you

By: Juliette Pickup

In our every day lives we are being affected by forces that we cannot see and these forces are wearing down our health, both mental and physical, on a daily basis. These forces originate from EMFs, Electromagnetic Fields, which are present everywhere, but is concentrated in certain areas, like near power lines. In the home the EMFs are concentrated around power outlets.

Antioxidant: Bioflavinoids and Raw Foods

By: Roxanne Vick

Many people have heard that the grocery stores set up their stores in a strategic way, so that you are “forced” to walk by a tempting array of apples, cherries, and all kinds of delicious fruits, before you can get to the canned goods, milk and eggs. It is in this section of the “outer” part of the store, thantioxidant-broccoli-bioflavonoidat we should spend more time. It is interesting to note that even though the USDA’s recommendations are far less than the French and Mediterranean diets, only 40% of Americans are eating our daily requirements for fruit. I wonder how many are eating the Mediterranean recommended amount? It is these fruits and vegetables that contain a very powerful antioxidant called bioflavinoids. Bioflainoids, or bioflavonoids are abundantly found in many of the fruits that our bodies crave. In this article I will discuss the benefits you can get from these potent antioxidants, which fruits and vegetables contain bioflavinoids, and the therapeutic applications for bioflainoids.

Antioxidants and Brain Health

by: Dr. Paul Gross

Your brain is your greatest asset but it is also your body’s most vulnerable organ. It requires constant support from other major organs and is your most susceptible organ to oxidative stress during aging.

An Overview Of Hoodia With Green Tea

By: Ann Marier

Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up, or simply make your body healthier, Hoodia with green tea is a great option for you, and there are tons of different reasons for this, which, if you are interested in, then you are definitely going to want to read on to find out more.

The Cost of Lasik Eye Surgery

By Kevin Stith

Lasik eye surgery is the most commonly suggested treatment for myopia in the United States. Lasik eye surgery cost has come down considerably in recent years. Earlier, it was not affordable for the common man.

Mesothelioma and Attorneys

by Daniel 59 Ryan59