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 Xanthones In The Mangosteen Fruit

mangosteen fruit

hCG Diet Dangers

It’s been a while since my last update and it’s amazing to see how much has changed in the weight loss world. Something thats recently come into vogue is the hCG Diet. hCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone found widely in pregnant women, but also produced in smaller amounts by men.

Balance Your Hormones Naturally


Many people ask what estrogen dominance is and if there are natural therapies available to help bring hormones back into balance. Estrogen dominance is quite common in perimenopause and can start as early as your late 30s and last for as long as ten years. As we age, we ovulate regularly and, following ovulation, progesterone is secreted from the ovaries so women tend to have more steady estrogen production from the ovaries during periomenopausal years, which creates an imbalance of hormones. Typical symptoms of this phase include heavier menstrual bleeding, tender breasts before menstruation, increased irritability, constipation, fatigue, and easy weight gain. Those women who are younger tend to experience testosterone dominance.

Lasik Eye Surgery Video

Every wondered what happens during a lasik eye surgery? This delicate eye surgery happens only for several minutes and after that the patient can go home.
Watch the following lasik eye surgery operation from start to finish. A great improvement in vision follows after the surgery.

Alpha Lipoic Acid- The Anti Aging Antioxidant

By: GiGi Konwin

The best line of defense in your anti aging program is a powerful antioxidant. Alpha Lipoic Acid is the newcomer in the field, but promises to be one of the most important contenders. We need antioxidants to fight off the effects of stress, pollution and bad diets.

Xanthones Antioxidants in the Mangosteen Super Fruit

A lot of the so called super fruits has come to the attention of consumers because of their antioxidants and healthful nutrients. Manufacturers have sprung to fill in the growing market.

Green Tea Benefits for Skin

green tea for smooth skin

Green Tea – The Best Free Acne Home Remedy

If you are looking for a free acne home remedy then you can’t beat green tea. Green tea has been shown to be as effective as a 4% solution of benzoyl peroxide without doing the same damage as this solution in terms of drying the skin and being harsh on the skin. In this article we explore the effects of green tea on acne and how you can use the health benefits of green tea to cure your acne fast.

How To Treat Acne – Will Antioxidants Help?

You are searching for information on how to treat acne but everywhere you turn you are given different advice. Someone says watch your diet while others say reduce your stress levels and so on. The main problem with their advice is that they make you think that all you need to do is change that one thing and then voila you will have acne free skin.

Green Tea Side Effects

Before we go any further, I should say that I have been happily enjoying green tea for several months now and have yet to experience any negative side effects, but it’s only fair that I mention there *are* some possibilities.