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Functional Foods

An anonymous commentator on my post ‘ORAC‘ shared this very good resource for taking antioxidants and nutrients: This could benefit everybody so I decided to make a separate post to make it more visible.

These 2 Belly Exercises will Flatten Your Stomach

By: Mr. Basketball

EFT Tapping Can Lead to Health, Wealth and Happiness

Just last week, my husband and I stopped at our local market to grab some coffee on our way down the hill to shopping. Living in the country like we do, we know most everyone and as I was waiting for him to check out, I ran into a friend. She’s the kind of friend that I know I would be really good friends with, but our circles don’t intersect so we rarely see each other.

Mind Movies for Health

Watching Mind Movies Can Improve Your Health

That may sound preposterous for those who doesn’t know what these movies are. Simply put, these are movies that contain images and messages that depict the kind of life that you desire. Be it in the area of health, wealth, love and relationships.

Rooibos – The Anti-Aging Herbal Tea

By : David Philips

Antioxidant Supplements Does NOT Increase Mortality

The Bad News

Last February this year, a review published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggested that some major antioxidant supplements increase mortality based on a review and meta-analysis of clinical trials.

How To Adopt The Proper Mindset For Easy And Consistent Weight Loss

Of all the health problems facing Americans today, perhaps the one that causes the most problems, and at the same time is the most preventable, is being overweight.

Important Health Benefits Of A Good Nights Sleep

By: Steve Hill

Use Green Tea For Anti-Aging and to Keep Your Skin Beautiful

By: John Tolmachoff

Glucosamine: An Essential Overview

By: Robert Bell