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My Recent Awards

I’ve recently been presented with these awards from Colin, a good friend to be in the blogosphere.

Can You Really Use Green Tea For Fat Loss Effectively?

Author: John Ugoshowa

Know the Power of Green Tea Antioxidants For a Good Immune System

Green tea antioxidants are said to be hundred times more effective than vitamin E. Precisely for this reason it is very popular these days amongst health conscious community. Once you see the herb from health point of view, perhaps you should consider taking it in extract form rather than to take as a drink. Many people may not like the aroma. In fact the taste will be awful if one takes it in decaffeinated format.

Why Green Tea is Good For Your Face

By: Eunice Coughlin

Green tea cleansing skin care is the latest development in antiaging
antiwrinkle skin care. What is it about green tea that helps protect your skin
from aging?

Cataract – Natural Cures to Treat Cataract

By Richard James

Antioxidants And Cancer Prevention – Fact Sheet

By John Corbin

Just what are antioxidants and can they do anything to help prevent or fight cancer?

Caffeine and Tea

I’m including caffeine in my posts because is one of the components of tea. This is the start of several posts regarding caffeine.

Antioxidants, Free Radicals, and Sports Nutrition

By Smith Chen

Contrary to popular opinion, free radicals do not circulate throughout the body. The half-life of most free radicals varies in a range of a few nanoseconds to about 7 seconds duration.

Understanding Various Parts Of Mangosteen From Health Aspect


Acupuncture Weight Loss? Plus 5 Step Weight Loss Plan

By: Brian Carter

I remember back in my senior year of high school – my best friend since 5th grade was living in France. He wrote that they didn’t like Americans much. “They think we’re all fat,” he said. With his own skinny frame, of course, he confounded their belief.