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Medical Quiz 2008 #3

This one is really really hard. I missed it myself but I guarantee, when I see it in a patient…I will know what it is. Click on the image for a better view.

ADHD and Food Additives

Dr. Oz Karate Kid Hunter Williams ATA Martial Arts

Dr. Oz Karate Kid Hunter Williams ATA Martial Arts

The End of Polio

A medical student today will go through their entire career without ever seeing a case of polio. The polio virus was feared throughout the early 20th century, leaving millions paralyzed or dead. During Summer and Autumn, polio epidemics spread human to human with this highly contagious disease. In the 1940’s and 50’s, negative pressure ventilators called the “iron lung” were used to support patients with paralyzed respiratory muscles. In 1952 the worst polio epidemic struck the United States, with 58,000 cases and 3,145 deaths. Over 21 thousand victims were left paralyzed.

Dr. Oz 5 Deadly Medication Mistakes Women Make

Dr. Oz Wednesday – October 14, 2009

Dr. Oz 5 Deadly Medication Mistakes Women Make

The 5 Deadly medication mistakes that can put you in a coma

Under the Knife- Tips for Surgery

In any given week I have several patients or friends who are having surgery. “Come and go”, outpatient surgery is the fastest growing type of surgery. Even though surgery has become about as common as getting a haircut, patients should not be cavalier about it. There is a growing awareness nationwide about patient safety and improving quality and surgery is one area that is getting a lot of attention. The patient safety movement brings the patient into the partnership with doctors and nurses as members of the care team to help improve surgical care overall. When we work as a team, patient care is safer. If you or a relative is contemplating surgery, this is what you need to know:

Mickey the Wonder Border Collie

Mickey was a rescue dog that we brought into our lives over 14 years ago. Herding was in his DNA and herd he did. Because we never had a flock of sheep, he had to find his own jobs to do. Making sure his flock (us) was safe and rounded up became his passion.

Obesity – all in the genes?

A new article published in Science has pointed to a common variant of a gene that may predispose some individuals to obesity. There is one particular position in the human DNA sequence that was found to increase an individuals risk of obesity by 67%. This variant is present in over half of the population and one sixth of the population has 2 copies of the gene….which explains why some individuals are heavier than others.

Dr Oz 100 People 13,000 Pounds Lost

Dr Oz’s “Green Drink” Recipe – Dr. Oz is sharing one of his favorite recipes, The Dream Drink!. Jump-start your mornings with this high-fiber, low-calorie breakfast drink.

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