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Do Doctors Make Too Much Money?

An article in the New York Times says the reason health care costs are so high in the United States is because doctors are paid too much. I saw that and my eyes bugged out. I just came home from a meeting with physicians and hospital administrators and the entire meeting was spent discussing the financial challenges physicians face in keeping their doors open to see patients. The goal of this meeting was to keep health services in that community so patients will have someone to care for them. Not a person in the room would agree that the doctors earn too much.

A Bump on the Head

Even a minor blow to the head can lead to serious trouble. A close relative of mine is an active, sharp guy in his 80’s. He was hospitalized a few weeks ago with an infection and like many older folks, he wasn’t aware of how weak he was and he tried to get out of the hospital bed and go to the bathroom and “whoops”, he slipped and fell. Hospitals all have procedures in place to prevent falls and they monitor the number of patient falls and try very hard to get to zero. But, try as they do …falls happen. OK, he got a bump on the forehead and a bruised shoulder but, fortunately no broken bones.

We Love Big Cars

Dr Oz Dream Drink

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Dr. Oz Medical Miracle Make Over And Sleep Deprivation

Today October 9 Dr. Oz
Sleep Deprivation — Cameras Go inside Dr. Oz’s bedroom. He’s on a mission to bring you your best night’s sleep.
Lose inches overnight without dieting or exercise — Take inches off your waist
Dr. Oz Medical Miracle Makeover Without Medicine — Medical Makeup — A young woman with a port wine facial birthmark gets a makeover. A makeover for her self-esteem, self image and physical appearance.
Vitamin D Deficiency
Cleopatra’s Mask

New Innovations in Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy, the screening scope test that looks for polyps and cancers in the large bowel, may be replaced with new methods for diagnosing colon cancer. We’ve all been waiting for a new technology that will eliminate the awful cleansing prep the day before, the IV sedation and the hassle of spending an entire day undergoing an expensive screening test for colon cancer.
Yes, screening colonoscopy is a great way to find polyps and growths before they become invasive cancer. Yes, it is relatively safe and effective but, jeeze, what a hassle. And for a screening test, it is quite expensive, therefore millions of uninsured and underinsured people just don’t get screened at all.

Top 25 Medical Advances

USA today is hardly a scientific journal, but it is read by millions of people all over the world. They picked their “Top 25 Medical Advances since 1982” and ranked them. What do you think?
2. Smoking Cessation
3. Obesity
4. Cancer detection
5. Antidepressants
6. Infant mortality
7. Anticholesterol medications (statins)
8. Cancer vaccines
9. Automated external defibrillators
10. Direct to consumer ads
11. In vitro fertilization
12. Human genome
13. Infections diseases (mad cow, west nile virus)
14. Medical technology
15. Laparoscopic surgery
16. Hormone replacement therapy
17. Attention-deficit hyperactivity medications
18. Chemotherapy
19. Caesarean sections
20. Vioxx
21. Child safety
22. Lasik
23. Sunscreen
24. Viagra
25. Botox

Do You Wonder Why Americans Are Fat?

I am happy to link you to the most amazing array of bad food choices you will ever see.
Reading this is enough to scare anyone into healthy, low cal eating (I hope). Can you believe those calories?
(hat tip to kevinmd)

Nurses as Doctors

The Wall Street Journal wrote today that more than 200 nursing schools will launch a doctorate of nursing program so “Nurse-doctors” will graduate with the “skills equivalent to primary-care physicians.”

Liquid Skin

When my daughter was young and I told her to get out of the sun or it would ruin her skin she would reply “Oh, it’s OK, when I grow up there will be liquid skin. I will just rub it on and all the sun damage will be gone”. I laughed at her silliness as I slathered sunscreen on her. Now there is a recent study from the Archives of Dermatology that shows there is hope for the wrinkles of aging.