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Suck It In……OR I was Born Without Stomach Muscles

I have belly pouch, there’s no denying it.

Even at my thinnest, when I was a size 4 and all muscle, my belly was not washboard.
My legs have always been skinny & muscular, my back nice and strong. I’ve been told I’m built like a swimmer. My arms have good days and bad, but are in no way misshapen, I can wear sleeveless.

DBlogger Meet Up-Philly Style OR 9 Diabetics Walk into a Bar…..

So 9 Diabetics walk into a bar…….
From left to right: Faye, Kerri, Caitlin, Karen, Hannah (flashing the t1 Gang Sign) Manny, LeeAnn, Yours Truly (also flashing the t1 Gang Sign) and Zack

Black Tea and your blood sugar – looks look the English have good reason to drink tea

I’ve paraphrased the first 3 paragraphs from an article on Dr Mercola’s website, which u can read on
Looks like the bloody limeys got it right when it came drinking a spot of tea!

Victory: Thailand Blood Ban Overturned!

Just a few days ago the Red Cross of Thailand banned blood from gay and bisexual men. Queers United sent out an action alert. Activism does make the difference because the headline today from the AFP states:

wanted: project

It has been almost 2 weeks since may ginawa akong REAL project. Hinayang na hinayang ako sa time ko honestly. Sana naman hindi lang mga utos-utos ipagawa sakin. Ako na mismo lalapit sa supervisor ko to ask for a project. This time, ayoko nang maging photog! Sana may i-time study uli ako. At least dun, ka-mingle ko yung mga workers and mas may matututunan ako. Pero actually, ok lang sakin yung mala-photoshop editor ako e. Eh yun talaga interest ko kaso lang kinakapos ako ng trabaho. I don’t wanna be left idle. I really value my time. Humihingi na nga ako ng magagawa sa mga cadets sa sobrang bored ko. Aside form that, nakakahiya kasi everytime my boss sees me, wala akong hawak na trabaho. Pag wala naman siya, dun tumatambak tasks ko. Nakakainis!

Alltop, As In All The Top Stories

In mid July Guy Kawasaki contacted to let me know that he had added Diabetesaliciousness to his one website:
“Sweet! this is cool site,” I thought! I’ll write about tomorrow after work.

Interesting Signage

Thought provoking Signage in and around Philadelphia

Kelly Kunik’s Diabtesaliciousness Blog 1st entry

So After much hesitation, I’ve decided to join the world of blogging. What will I talk about??? Well I’m not really sure, but I do know that much of my blog will focus on the wonderful world of Type 1 Diabetes. In my world we call Diabetesaliciousness. Why? because it sounds much cooler and sexier than Type 1 Diabetes, and let’s face it, it has nice a ring;)

about the song…

i could totally relate! haha! ganyang-ganyan kanata namin pag may away. :p

the first time i heard this, talagang LSS ako. sarap pakinggan. feel na feel siguro nung kumanta. malapit ko nang nakuha sa gitara to. (yey!) sarap tugtugin pag pa-senti yung feeling ko.

Diabetes 36 is now DIABETES 56, Boy, DO I FEEL STUPID

So I wondered how many words I could make out of Diabetes.
came up with 36 and used each in a Diabetes related sentence…kind of….