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Volumetrics and the Volumetrics Eating Plan

Volumetrics is a way of losing weight through eating, but it’s not really a “diet” as such. Instead, it focuses on eating foods that are low in calories but that leave you feeling full because they contain water and fiber (fruits, for example). Created by Barbara Rolls, Ph.D., Volumetrics is based on substituting high-calorie foods with “high-volume,” low-calorie alternatives.

Cholera Still Killing People in the 21st Century

In the developed world the deadly disease cholera is all but extinct, but it’s still killing thousands of people in less developed areas. Cholera is an acute infectious disease of the intestine that at its worst can cause watery diarrhea and vomiting, and can result in death within hours of onset. Fortunately, only one in 20 people who contract cholera will have symptoms this severe, according to the CDC.

Transcendental Meditation (TM) – What It Is

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Transcendental Meditation (TM), died the other day at the age of 91. TM became widely known in the 1960s when the Beatles became followers of the Maharishi, and many ordinary people began using TM over the years. So what exactly is Transcendental Meditation?

Chiari Malformation: Definition, Causes, Symptoms, and More

A Chiari malformation (CM) is a structural defect in the cerebellum, the round portion of the brain at the base of the back of the skull. The cerebellum controls balance, among other things, and normally rests in an indented space above an opening to the spinal canal.

Compare Health Care Choices at

Americans looking to make more sense of the maze of hospital choices facing them have a new tool to help them, called Hospital Compare at The site attracted a lot of attention when the U.S. government first launched it, and now it will get a lot more notice thanks to a new ad campaign that began today.

Plastic Chemical Bisphenol A Linked to Health Problems

It seems that bisphenol A, the controversial chemical used in plastics, is not off the hook for health problems just yet. BPA, as it’s known, is found in items including baby bottles and those ubiquitous water bottles used by hikers, and WebMD is reporting that for the first time that bisphenol A has been linked to health problems including diabetes and heart disease. The WebMD article above has more details on the study findings and the problems associated with bisphenol A.

Holiday Health Myths Debunked, and Top Health Stories of 2008

The holiday season is a time of overindulging in food and fun, and of looking back on the past year. WebMD has articles covering both aspects of the season. First there’s a quick look at some long-held myths about the holidays and wintertime. Does eating lots of sugar really make children hyperactive? Is it true you lose most of your body heat through your head? Is there really an effective hangover remedy? This article sets the facts straight.

Do You Have Fear and Anxiety?

If you have fear and anxiety, then you need to look at your entire health. Both fear and anxiety have their roots in emotional issue that you need to resolve. These emotional issues not only create stress on you mentally but also physically. Learn how you can become healthier and emotionally stable.

Green Tea Weight Loss – Is Green Tea an Appetite Suppressant?

Green tea is sometimes considered to be an appetite suppressant. This would of course be a quite convenient weight loss solution, just drinking a bit of tea and having no hunger or appetite any more. Studies support this only for injections of that tea (at least in rats), but not for drinking this kind of tea. Also drinking more of this tea than 3-5 cups per day does not help more health wise and so far no dose dependent relationship could be established when consuming green tea orally.

Herbs That Help You Lose Weight

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