Ethical, Legal Questions Dog Those “Bodies” Exhibitons

Bodies: the Exhibition is one of several popular exhibits that clearly reveal the workings of the human body by using plasticized bodies: real human bodies in which the fluids are replaced with a plastic liquid, which preserves the body and allows visitors to view its inner workings.

Bodies: the Exhibition and Body Worlds are two of the exhibitions have come under criticism because of accusations that at least some of the bodies may be of people who did not give permission for their remains to be used in this manner: namely, executed or tortured prisoners, including political prisoners.

The head of Body Worlds has said he would no longer use cadavers (corpses) from China because he said he had to destroy some of the bodies he got from that country because the bodies’ injuries indicated they might have been victims of execution. Dr. Gunter von Hagens, who founded Body Worlds and created the process that creates the plasticized bodies, told ABC News that he wouldn’t use bodies from China anymore.

A company called Corcoran Laboratories based in Traverse City, Michigan is a supplier of cadavers and body organs to one of the “bodies” exhibitors. Corcoran Laboratories has also licensed a company called Eternal Preservation Incorporated to apply the process of plasticization to the embalming of funeral home customers.

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