Fertility vs Fatness

By: Jessica Moore

Overweight, as we all know, could lead to less mobility, heart problems, and an assortment of various other illnesses, some even life threatening. But, how many of us have realized that obesity could actually affect one’s fertility as well?

According to a recent study performed by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, fertility and obesity or fatness are inextricably intertwined. The research has concluded that men with high BMI (body mass index) have a greater likelihood to become infertile than somebody with normal body-weight. As per the words of head of research, Mr. Markku Sallmen, on a quantitative level, for every 20 pounds of excess weight a human gains, he/she actually aggravates the chances for infertility by as much as 10 percent. Another member of the research team – Ms. Dona Baird – adds that overweight has an equal impact on female fertility as well, with fatter ladies having a more harder time becoming pregnant than their healthy counterparts. So, both the sexes watch out!

Other observations made by the study, now been published in the journal Epidemiology, include the finding that male BMI is an independent risk factor for infertility, like the side effects of activities such as cigarette smoking, alcohol abuse, or exposure to dangerous chemicals, and an apparent two-fold increase in the chances for obese persons to become infertile as opposed to healthy adults.

On the flip side, one apparent pitfall, if to point out, in the study is that the research team had failed to observe if there is any underlying link between obesity and the frequency of sexual intercourse, which in some sense can be directly associated with pregnancy and hence fertility. Based on the observations made in the research, even though it is possible to conclude that obese men tend to have lesser sexual intercourse than an average healthy male, some studies published recently overrides this theory stating that such a pattern owes much to the lesser semen production in obese people and it is very remotely linked with the frequency of intercourse.

So, for the gluttonous lot out there, what is the immediate solution available? Well, there are not many, but to reduce weight as early as possible. If the obesity is due to hormonal issues, get it treated quickly. For others, cut back on food. Avoid all sorts of junk and oily food items, sweets, and victuals rich in fat. Exercise regularly and have lots of water daily. After all, health is wealth. Isn’t it?

Article Source: http://www.healthandwellnesscentral.com

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