Green Tea Weight Loss – Is Green Tea an Appetite Suppressant?

Green tea is sometimes considered to be an appetite suppressant. This would of course be a quite convenient weight loss solution, just drinking a bit of tea and having no hunger or appetite any more. Studies support this only for injections of that tea (at least in rats), but not for drinking this kind of tea. Also drinking more of this tea than 3-5 cups per day does not help more health wise and so far no dose dependent relationship could be established when consuming green tea orally.

However, drinking this tea seems to balance blood sugar spikes. If the blood sugar spikes get reduced, the subsequent insulin response is also more balanced which in turn helps to prevent cravings. Tea as any other liquid also helps you to feel full and this altogether is maybe why it is said to be suppress someone’s appetite. And this is not the same as being an appetite suppressant as cravings or increased appetite are not always exclusively due to biochemical reasons like blood sugar or insulin levels, but also emotional factors play an important role.

Although some weight loss studies have proved the beneficial effects of green tea on weight loss, just drinking any green weight loss tea might not give you the same result. In the studies certain compounds of this tea like caffeine, catechins and EGCG were probably measured beforehand to find a brand of grean tea which provides a high content of these ingredients.

Most likely the less processed a tea is the higher the quality and content of the effective components. Also, if you can find organic tea this usually makes a difference in quality and bioactive components are more likely to still be functional. If you want to make green tea part of your weight loss program, rather go for better quality than just getting the cheap versions from your grocery store.


Green tea is not the magic bullet of weight loss that melts your fat depots while you can go on having chocolate cake, universal laws are still in place and to lose weight you still need to eat less than you burn. Neither is this tea an appetite suppressant, although it should balance your blood sugar somewhat and reduce cravings this way. Nevertheless, a few good cups of tea per day make you feel full and satiated and can also keep cravings in check. So, do not expect wonders, but have your tea nevertheless, it is the healthier option to coffee either way!

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