Mickey the Wonder Border Collie

Mickey was a rescue dog that we brought into our lives over 14 years ago. Herding was in his DNA and herd he did. Because we never had a flock of sheep, he had to find his own jobs to do. Making sure his flock (us) was safe and rounded up became his passion.

They say Border Collies are the smartest breed of dogs. I believe that. Mickey could open doors, climb trees and understand moods and gestures better than most humans. When young, he was the fastest dog at “dog park” and watching him glide at top speed, herding the other dogs was a joy to behold.

Mickey had more friends than I do. A walk downtown would have strangers saying “Hi, Mickey” and I would wonder about his life and how he knew so many people.

Mickey passed on this week and we are sad, but his spirit and good will remains. All we can do is be good guardians to our pets while they bless us with their love.

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