Morgellons Disease, a Baffling Skin Disorder

Morgellons disease is one of those mysterious disorders that is so odd that experts don’t even agree that it’s a disorder at all. Some believe it is a distinct disease, others think it’s part of an existing group of disorders, and others aren’t sure it exists… or if it does, that it’s in the imagination of the sufferer.

In Morgellons disease a patient experiences lesions on the skin, extreme itchiness, and a crawling sensation on or under the skin. Some patients have had fibers (which may be different colors) growing out of their skin.

The CDC announced January 16th that it was launching a study to investigate Morgellons disease.

An article on the Mayo Clinic’s Web site answers some questions about Morgellons disease, including signs and symptoms, what researchers know about the disorder, why Mogellons is controversial, and how to manage the condition.

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