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Getting muscle abs is what so many people try and fail to do. This is because they are fed the wrong information! All you need to get visible abs is the right knowledge, followed by the desire and dedication. In this article, I’m going to reveal the top 3 myths that people think are how to get a ripped six pack quickly, and how you can avoid these myths and get a great set of abs!

The 1st myth is that if you do lots of cardio on the treadmill, you’ll burn away the belly fat and reveal muscle abs. To get a six pack that are visible, you do need to burn the fat around your belly. Although cardio is not the best way to do this. In fact, doing hours of cardio can actually harm your attempts at burning fat quickly! This is because a cardio workout is what’s known as a catabolic workout. Catabolic means tissue destroying, therefore you’re burning away more muscle than fat! Your body will then slow your metabolism gradually to stop this from occurring. If you slow your metabolism, your body burns less fat. Not good! To burn fat efficiently, you need to do a short, sharp anabolic workout. Anabolic means tissue building, and will force your body to build muscle! As you build muscle, your body will release hormones to raise your metabolism, meaning you’ll burn fat like crazy!

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Myth number 2 is crunches and sit up are how to get muscle abs. Not if you want a six pack! These exercises are in fact some of the least effective exercises to get a six pack. This is due to the fact that these exercises are so small and isolated. You see, we all have six packs. If you can’t see yours, that means there is a layer of fat you need to burn in order to get visible abs. Crunches just aren’t intense enough, you need to focus on exercises that involve lots of muscle groups and really force your body into fat burning overdrive!

The 3rd myth is starving yourself to lose weight quickly, thus revealing muscle abs. Yeah this a really good idea isn’t it! Of course not! The reason why you can’t see your abs is because you’re eating foods that contain empty calories, such as crisps, biscuits, fizzy drink etc. If you want really great abs that you could see a mile off, you need to cut out these foods, as they only add to the layer of fat around your stomach. Instead of starving yourself, eat six small meals a day, that contain high protein. Having six small meals not only helps your body as there is a constant supply of nutrients, but will make you less likely to snack as you won’t be as hungry!

Don’t believe all the hype your read in the magazines if you want to get muscle abs. Stay away from so called magic pills and powders that supposedly burn fat. These are usually rubbish that will only burn a hole in your pocket!

Now is the time to get hold of a proven workout routine and effective diet plan, if you’re serious about getting muscle abs. Visit where you can finally learn how to get a six pack the right way, and not waste time doing endless cardio or crunches!

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