Neti Pot an Ancient, Simple, and Cheap Remedy for Nasal Problems

People today are finding an effective new remedy for their sinus stuffiness and other nasal problems, but actually the Neti pot is not new at all. In fact, it’s ancient. The idea is catching on more and more these days with increasing numbers of people discovering alternative medicine and natural healing.

The Neti pot is said to come from the Ayurvedic system of medicine that originated in India many centuries ago. Basically it involves using a teapot-like vessel that’s filled with warm water and salt, and you pour the solution in one nostril, and the water (and whatever gunk is in your nose) pours out the other.

The Neti pot is one way to cleanse the nasal passages, but there are other similar devices and methods that use the same principle of a warm salt water wash to irrigate the nasal passages.

Several of my family members swear by nasal irrigation, after it was recommended to one of them by her doctor. Although using nasal irrigation and the Neti pot may sound strange, the technique is effective, the cost is minimal, and the ingredients used are safe, so that the procedure may be used again and again without harm.

When I get a bad cold or congestion this winter, I’ll definitely look into trying out the Neti pot or other form of nasal irrigation.

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