Obesity and Baby Boomers – business opportunity

The obesity epidemic in America will create new business opportunities for the innovative businessman or woman if they can just project themselves into the future. The baby boomers are getting older and America is getting fatter. This is a recipe for someone to create new products and services.

The New York Times reports on new ambulance equipment that has been developed to accommodate large patients as they are transported. There are already supersize beds and operating equipment for bariatric surgery.

For some other opportunities one just needs to just look around. Airports are ripe for services. By 2020 millions of traveling aged boomers or obese travelers will need electronic carts to transport them over the blocks of walkways at the airport. Carry on luggage will need to be electric so it can be easily pushed and have features so one can stop, sit and rest on the luggage. Airplane seats will definitely need to be larger and there will need to be special storage for walkers and canes.

Hip prosthesis, cardiac implants and pacemakers will need to have special sensors so they don’t trigger the security wands. Small traveler healthy snacks and juices should be packaged and sold for easy plane travel and to prevent hypoglycemia.

We can’t do anything about the aging baby boomers…that is inevitable, but it isn’t too late to address obesity. In any case, watch out for new products that make it easier for older, fatter people to get around in society. They will be coming on the market for sure.

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