Dr Oz Swimsuit Recipes (Drink & Salad)

Dr Oz: Ultimate Swimsuit Slimdown It’s time for bathing suit season…again! But this time, you’ll be ready! With Doctor Oz’s Ultimate Swimsuit Slimdown, you’ll look and feel like a million bucks in any bathing suit, regardless of problem areas. Dr Oz shared a Swimsuit Slimdown Drink and Salad Recipe, plus a cellulite lotion called Aminophylline Cream. More »

Holistic Well being Care Gadgets

Right here are some fantastic Holistic health care gadgets shown on the Dr. Oz show, promoted by Dr. Andrew Weil, the Holistc Wellness Care guru. More »


Do You Need a Doctor? It better be for skin

Breaking News (that all of us in Medicine already knew)!!! Young doctors all want to be Dermatologists. Yes, there is a sudden overwhelming interest in skin, pores and hair after spending years in premed, medical school and residency. Taking care of the whole person? Doing a work up for abdominal pain and removing a sick appendix? Evaluating kidneys or hearts or thyroid glands? Arthritis, hypertension and headaches? Forget it!

Rate Your Doctor

I think the internet will have a huge impact on patient satisfaction of how they are treated by doctors. The idea of internet sites that rate doctors and hospitals has been around for about 5 years. In the past the sites have been difficult to view, some cost money and they were not user friendly. But like anything new…it may now have reached a tipping point.

Fairin dancing on the Dr. Oz show

Fairin dancing on the Dr. Oz show with the ‘Chocolettes’ and instructor Stepp Stewart. Aired December 7, 2009.

Dr. Oz Carnie Wilson Unstapled | Carnie Wilson Asks Dr. Oz For Help

Women’s Choice

I came across a blog that I want to share with the readers of EverythingHealth. This New York gynecologist wrote a compelling blog on why she chose her specialty. It’s worth a read here at The Blog That Ate Manhattan.

Medical Research – Follow the Money

The use of psychiatric drugs in children has exploded over the past ten years. Powerful new medications for the treatment of attention deficit disorder and bipolar disorder have emerged on the market and we are now learning that three prominent researchers from Harvard have been paid millions by the pharmaceutical industry to promote these drugs for use.

Dr. Oz Salt Detox Challenge

Salt Detox Challenge – Andy is back with His Alternative Salt Substitute Blend.
Save a Life
Learn what to do (and what not to do) in the case of 3 serious injuries.
Salt Detox Recipes
After 28 days, Chef Andy shares his special saltless recipes.

Medicare Drug Plan – Profitable to Insurers

The New York Times has an article that is no surprise to physicians and pharmacists who care for patients. Guess what? The wonderful Medicare Drug Plan for seniors has turned into a cash cow for insurance companies that administer it. Duh! Since when do Insurers ever do anything with the government that doesn’t fatten their pockets?

Antibiotics – Truths you may not like

Some blogs are so good I want to repeat it for my readers. Thanks to Distractible mind for this one. Patients don’t like to hear it but here is the real truth about antibiotics and YOU:

Cost of The War – wouldn’t you rather have health care?

It is hard to get my head around the figures that are published about how much the War in Iraq is costing. At the end of 2006, BEFORE the surge, the total cost to America was somewhere between $750 billion (conservative estimate) and $1.2 trillion. I don’t know what a trillion is. It’s like counting grains of sand or stars in the sky. But I do know what treating disease costs and the comparisons are staggering.