Dr Oz Swimsuit Recipes (Drink & Salad)

Dr Oz: Ultimate Swimsuit Slimdown It’s time for bathing suit season…again! But this time, you’ll be ready! With Doctor Oz’s Ultimate Swimsuit Slimdown, you’ll look and feel like a million bucks in any bathing suit, regardless of problem areas. Dr Oz shared a Swimsuit Slimdown Drink and Salad Recipe, plus a cellulite lotion called Aminophylline Cream. More »

Holistic Well being Care Gadgets

Right here are some fantastic Holistic health care gadgets shown on the Dr. Oz show, promoted by Dr. Andrew Weil, the Holistc Wellness Care guru. More »


Dr.Oz The Top 5 Cancer Symptoms For Women | Are You A Ticking Time Bomb

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Common Drug Interactions

Did you know that a lack of acid in the stomach significantly affects the body’s ability to absorb thyroid hormone? That is just one of many facts that patients often don’t know. Here are a few others:

You’re the Doctor – Answer

The patient in the photo below has Poison Oak (Rhus dermatitis). Don’t feel bad if you missed it. She had 4 medical visits before it was successfully diagnosed.

Patient Safety – Our New Focus

I attended a conference today that dealt with a good trend that is sweeping U.S. Healthcare- called the Patient Safety movement. The Institute of Medicine published a shocking report in 1999 that showed as many as 98,000 people die from serious hospital medical errors each year. It is the equivalent of a full jumbo jet crashing each day! That made everyone sit up and take notice and started us looking at how we deliver care. Believe it or not, prior to that report, we never discussed how to change our hospital systems to avoid medical errors and make sure we didn’t inadvertently hurt a patient. Health professionals had a mindset that this was just the unavoidable collateral damage of the high-tech, lifesaving war we were fighting against disease.

Doctor Oz Show 12/03/2009 on the XMRV Virus. Part 1

Doctor Oz Show 12/03/2009 on the XMRV Virus.

Dr. Oz Stress In Relationships Makes You Sick

Identifying Incontinence
Dr. Oz discusses causes of, and solutions for, the #1 Women’s Health Secret Incontinence.

How to be a Health Advocate for a Loved One

I have been dealing with a personal family illness and it reminded me of a blog I did last year. I went back to review it and realized it is pretty damn good advise. I’m repeating it here for readers who may just now be reading EverythingHealth.

Dr Oz Brazillian Avocado Shake For Marie Osmond

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Thanksgiving Day Relaxing Medical Trivia

Here is more EverythingHealth trivia to read, marvel at, and appreciate just how wacky and wonderful our world is:

Health Information Confusion

Thanks to J.S. for today’s funny.