Dr Oz Swimsuit Recipes (Drink & Salad)

Dr Oz: Ultimate Swimsuit Slimdown It’s time for bathing suit season…again! But this time, you’ll be ready! With Doctor Oz’s Ultimate Swimsuit Slimdown, you’ll look and feel like a million bucks in any bathing suit, regardless of problem areas. Dr Oz shared a Swimsuit Slimdown Drink and Salad Recipe, plus a cellulite lotion called Aminophylline Cream. More »

Holistic Well being Care Gadgets

Right here are some fantastic Holistic health care gadgets shown on the Dr. Oz show, promoted by Dr. Andrew Weil, the Holistc Wellness Care guru. More »


HPV Vaccine Succeeds Beyond Expectations

The new vaccine for human papilloma virus (HPV) has been about 100% effective in preventing that disease. But the HPV vaccine has turned out to have effects in preventing other diseases, too.

Female Sex Patch On Sale in Europe

Britain’s National Health Service has approved a patch that is claimed to help women regain their sex drive. The BBC earlier reported on the product’s pending approval.

CDC Provides Updates on Swine Flu Cases, Precautions, and More

Swine flu cases in the United States are limited in severity, but the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is still making sure that the public is informed with the latest information.

Study Makes You Wonder: Is Your Job Making You Depressed?

A new government study ranks U.S. jobs by the rate of depression experienced by people who work in them.

Fatal Familial Insomnia

Yes, this is another syndrome that was featured on “20/20,” but it’s a fascinating illness (and thankfully rare), so I thought readers might want to know more about it. You can find an article from ABC that pretty much sums up the “20/20” feature here.

How Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Stays in Great Shape

With the surprise pick of Sarah Palin as the Republican VP candidate, people are buzzing about her policy stands, political strengths and weaknesses, and the like. But I have a feeling that upon seeing photos of the Alaska governor today for the first time, many Americans are asking themselves another question, too: “How does someone in her 40s who has had 5 kids stay in such great shape?” And since this is a health blog, we’re more interested in the health and fitness issues than the political ones anyway.

Skin Tags, A Common Problem with a Simple Solution

Skin tags are little flaps of excess skin that form on the body as we get older. They are often found on the neck, armpits, trunk, and folds of skin on the body. Known in medical terminology as acrochordons, skin tags are almost always harmless and there is no need to have them removed. While they are benign and not painful, they may cause discomfort if clothing continually rubs against them, or if they are located where another part of the body may rub against them.

All About Food: Lose Weight with Red Wine, the Big Breakfast Diet, and Sweet News

A number of food-related developments in health news have gotten my attention in the last few days. So here’s a quick summary with links:

What’s the Best Way to Clean Fresh Vegetables?

Up until a few months ago, I would clean fresh fruits and vegetables by giving them a cursory quick rinse under a splash of water. But with the E. coli lettuce scare this summer and other recent food-safety incidents, I’m wondering if I should be doing more… a lot more… and I’m not alone.

Femoral Artery Wound Has NFL Player Sean Taylor Struggling for Life

Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor is in critical condition and struggling for his life after being shot in his home in Miami-Dade county, Florida. It is believed that the incident was the result of a robbery attempt or home intrusion.