Dr Oz Swimsuit Recipes (Drink & Salad)

Dr Oz: Ultimate Swimsuit Slimdown It’s time for bathing suit season…again! But this time, you’ll be ready! With Doctor Oz’s Ultimate Swimsuit Slimdown, you’ll look and feel like a million bucks in any bathing suit, regardless of problem areas. Dr Oz shared a Swimsuit Slimdown Drink and Salad Recipe, plus a cellulite lotion called Aminophylline Cream. More »

Holistic Well being Care Gadgets

Right here are some fantastic Holistic health care gadgets shown on the Dr. Oz show, promoted by Dr. Andrew Weil, the Holistc Wellness Care guru. More »


Breastfeeding New Infants

The benefits of breast feeding for at least the first six months of life have been proven over and over with scientific studies. Let’s face it…nature hardly ever gets it wrong. Breast milk is a perfect nutrient, contains antibodies and is easy to digest. It is also free and readily available!

Hello Again..

Hi there,

I haven’t been here too much because I don’t know too much about blogging!

I work daily on my weight loss site, which I am new at too. I am new to building a web site, not to weight loss.

Water-logged ears, asymmetrical breasts and preventing bloody noses

Dr. Oz answers your most embarrassing questions!

Dr Oz Medical Myth Busters Bill Nye The Science Guy

Medical Myth Busters
Bill Nye joins Dr. Oz to blow the lid off some medical myths.

Bill Nye the Science Guy, and a very brave assistant of the day, join Dr. Oz to blow the lid off some popular medical myths. In this clip, they’ll discover if diet soda and chewy mints will explode in your stomach.

Dr. Oz on the Alkaline Diet

Dr. Oz on the Alkaline Diet

Dr. Oz answers the question, “Is there truth behind the alkaline diet, what exactly is it, and can it prevent cancer?”


today is the 3rd of september, our 28th monthsary. who celebrates them during this time anyway? monthsaries are usually celebrated during the first months until it reaches the annual milestone. i don’t hear couples greeting each other “happy 59th monthsary honey!”, it would be very inconvenient and hard especially for guys to keep track of the progressing number.


yep, im back after two gruelling weeks of thesis. i spent the whole time at my friend’s house assembling the prototype and doing the progam for the robot’s behavior; and my god, am i tired?! i haven’t got the time to check the net the whole week so obviously my mail was teeming with spam and other junk (with an exception to a few email like the one i posted a while ago)

Suck It In……OR I was Born Without Stomach Muscles

I have belly pouch, there’s no denying it.

Even at my thinnest, when I was a size 4 and all muscle, my belly was not washboard.
My legs have always been skinny & muscular, my back nice and strong. I’ve been told I’m built like a swimmer. My arms have good days and bad, but are in no way misshapen, I can wear sleeveless.

DBlogger Meet Up-Philly Style OR 9 Diabetics Walk into a Bar…..

So 9 Diabetics walk into a bar…….
From left to right: Faye, Kerri, Caitlin, Karen, Hannah (flashing the t1 Gang Sign) Manny, LeeAnn, Yours Truly (also flashing the t1 Gang Sign) and Zack

Black Tea and your blood sugar – looks look the English have good reason to drink tea

I’ve paraphrased the first 3 paragraphs from an article on Dr Mercola’s website, which u can read on mercola.com
Looks like the bloody limeys got it right when it came drinking a spot of tea!