Premie Baby born in airplane

Here is a heartwarming story for the weekend. A 25 weeks pregnant mom was traveling to Crete with her husband when she went into early labor. Her water broke and somewhere above Düsseldorf, Germany, she delivered a 1 lb. baby with the help of a flight supervisor. This air hostess hero, Carol Miller, took control of the situation and suctioned the little blue baby with a drinking straw. Because he wasn’t breathing, she then gave mouth to mouth resuscitation and heart massage until they could do an emergency landing and rush the baby to a hospital in London. Think of how tiny one pound is. Like a barbie doll!

After 5 months in a neonatal ICU, little baby Alfie is now weighing in at over 5 lbs and has gone home with his first time parents and is expected to grow into a normal little kid.

What a stroke of luck to have a clear thinking flight attendant, who just happened to have nurse training, on that flight! She handled premie childbirth with the same grace as serving coffee and she was able to think “out of the box” when it was needed. Carol Miller of First Choice Airways is my first choice for hero of the weekend.

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