Warning Signs Of Pancreatic Cancer On Dr. Oz

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FRIDAY – OCTOBER 30, 2009 Pancreatic Cancer — Dr. Oz uncovers the silent, deadly signs of Pancreatic Cancer. Assistant of the Day, Alexandra (Jackson Heights, NY), helps Dr. Oz break down the silent but deadly signs of pancreatic cancer, that took the life of actor Patrick Swayze, and how to protect yourself.

Dr. Oz The Warning Signs That Could Save You From Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer took the life of Patrick Swayze, Sept 14th 2009. The numbers are terrifying, 42,000 people will be diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer this year, and more than 35,000 will die from it. Dr. Oz says it is now the most lethal form of cancer. 3 out 4 patients die within one year of being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, at 5 years the rate of surviving this disease is 5%. Dr. Oz asks would we know the warning signs that could save your life. Today he talks about the 3 pancreatic warning signs to watch for.

1. Jaundice
2. Abdominal Pain
3. If Your Poop Is A White Colour And Floats

Warning Signs Of Pancreatic Cancer On Dr. Oz – Daily Health Web!

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