Dr Oz, Free Amys Free of charge Burritos, Kashi Pizza, Frozen Dinners

Amy’s Frozen Burrito Giveaway, 7 Grain Kashi Pizza, Frozen Dinner

Dr. Oz Free Burritos, Kashi Pizza

Today’s show January 31, 2012 Dr. Oz show was all about what diet program foods you must acquire and which ones you really should steer clear of.&nbsp Dr. Oz even suggested frozen dinners that fit in to his wholesome diet plan recommendations and can be produced in mere minutes. They even gave away 20,000 Amy’s frozen burritos for free of charge!&nbsp Here are some of Dr. Oz diet food suggestions.

Kashi Thick Crust Pest Pizza

I bet you would by no means assume that Dr. Oz would recommend pizza to aid you lose weight!&nbsp Properly, this pizza is not your ordinary pizza.&nbsp It is made from 7 grain bread and each and every serving has 4 grams of fiber.&nbsp In reality you could eat a 1/3 of the pizza and only be ingesting 240 calories!&nbsp (Also with 14 grams of protein!).&nbsp So the subsequent time your in the grocery shop, grab the Kashi Pesto Pizza and get pleasure from without the guilt.

Dr. Oz, Sea Pak Salmon Burgers

Salmon burgers make fantastic sandwiches and include heart healthy fats.&nbsp Dr. Oz advised the Sea Pak Salmon burgers.&nbsp Right here are some of the factors why :

  • Only 110 calories
  • 3 grams of Omega 3 fats
  • Only $ 7.99 per package!

Evol Teriyaki Chicken Bowl Frozen Dinner

  • The Evol Teriyaki Chicken Bowl Frozen Dinner is created with Organic brown rice!
  • Dr. Oz loved at how numerous vegetables had been included in the Evol Teriyaki Chicken Bowl!
  • 90% of your every day Vitamin A requirements
  • Only costs $ four.99

&nbspAmy’s Organic Bean and Rice Burrito (He gave away 20,000 of these following his show for free of charge!)

  • Contains only half the sodium of standard burito
  • Made of organic beans and rice

How To Get The Totally free Burritos Dr. Oz gave away on today’s show?

To print off a coupon to get a cost-free burrito all you have to do is go to his official website and print off a coupon! (If they are nevertheless readily available.. Typically his giveaways go quite rapidly!)

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